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Yoki Finance: Official Launch of the Web3 subscription payments protocol

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Yoki Finance!

The official launch marks a significant milestone not only for Yoki but for the whole blockchain payment industry. As the first decentralized payment protocol for crypto subscription payments, we combined the best practices of Web2 and Web3.

The importance of the paradigm shift between the centralized and decentralized payment entities is hard to underestimate with Yoki bringing full control over the funds to the hands of the merchants. The self-custody nature of the protocol empowers merchants to “own” their financial streams and stops the vicious dependency on authoritarian and non-transparent canceling, freezing, and chargeback practices.

From the launch, our protocol is available across Optimism, Arbitrum, and Polygon with more chains coming on demand.

We are working with a few pre-selected merchants to secure an effective and safe checkout process for their end customers. If you would like to join our platform please feel free to fill out the onboarding form: LINK.