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Altcoin Edge is integrating crypto subscription payments by Yoki Finance

Altcoin Edge is a Youtube blog that evolved into a Web3 marketing agency that evolved into a strong crypto community.
Their highly qualified team has analyzed hundreds of projects and can determine the critical success factors and share them with the community.
Altcoin Edge has two subscription levels
Insider: Subscribers get access to exclusive Discord, project research reports, calls to investor meetings, Web3 insides/alpha, and early access to content or penetration into it.
Insider Pro: Subscribers receive all the benefits of the Insider level, as well as priority access to investment opportunities or larger investments, 1-on-1 calls with team members, and individual requests for research reports.
For the Altcoin Edge Web3 subscription payments represent a convenient and efficient way to interact with their community. This approach automates the payment process, ensuring better retention and less manual work.
With the help of Yoki Finance, this process becomes even simpler and more convenient.

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