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Unchained Elephants is integrating subscription donations in crypto by Yoki Finance

Unchained Elephants and Yoki Finance are proud to announce that the official Unchained Elephants page is live on https://subscription.yoki.fi/unchainedelephants
Unchained Elephants NFT is a collection of 9,999 digital artworks on the XRPL featuring captivating imagery of elephants. It aims to raise awareness for rescuing working elephants in Thailand and create a community of travelers. The collection includes the Original Herd, a set of 99 hand-drawn digital artworks by artist "Huesos Negros," and nine other sub-collections with unique themes. Their highly qualified team has analyzed hundreds of projects and can determine the critical success factors and share them with the community.
For the Unchained Elephants, Web3 subscription payments represent a convenient and stable way to receive donations from their community.
Unlike the traditional one-time donations that could be highly volatile, recurring donations help to get a projected understanding of the future funding.
With the help of Yoki Finance, this process becomes even simpler and more convenient.

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