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Yoki Finance is integrating Stripe

Yoki Finance is integrating with Stripe
We are pleased to announce a significant update for our merchant's experience: the integration with Stripe. This development comes at a pivotal moment, especially considering Stripe's recent announcement that cryptocurrency payments will be available this summer. This development represents a major opportunity for Yoki Finance, as it paves the way for the mass adoption of our platform.
Yoki Finance will be offering a streamlined and convenient solution for merchants and their developers to support recurring cryptocurrency payments.
No stress integration
We have aligned our internal data structures and API with Stripe's to facilitate this integration, focusing on Products, Prices, and Subscriptions. This alignment simplifies the process for developers familiar with Stripe, enabling easier connection of webhooks and handlers. Utilizing the same terminology as the market leader in payment processing enhances this convenience. Merchants can now choose between the two integration modes:
  1. Yoki-native: Merchants without a Stripe account or products can utilize our proprietary webhooks, simplifying the integration process.
  2. Stripe-native: Merchants with an existing Stripe integration can continue to use Stripe webhooks as usual and receive information about payments processed by Yoki.
Additionally, we have introduced a feature that allows merchants to enable cryptocurrency checkout for their Stripe products in Yoki with just one click.
About Yoki Finance
Yoki Finance is a Web3 Subscription Payment Gateway that helps businesses to automate accepting recurring crypto payments